SurroundBar Instant Home Theater

You just bought a new flat panel, wide screen HDTV. All you need is some great sound to go with that beautiful picture. How do you feel about installing speakers all around your room and running wires everywhere to add surround sound to your new TV? Don't worry, there's an easier way. Polk  SurroundBar Series speakers achieve single-speaker surround sound from one slim speaker bar.

The complete two-piece home theater system that hooks up in minutes

How do you telescope a whole home theater system into just one (or two) loudspeakers without sacrificing height, depth, dynamic response and exciting realism? Only the newest, most advanced technology and design allows this kind of no-holds-barred (pun!) performance, and only Polk’s SurroundBar Series has it.

You know they’re out there: Sound bars. Not the kind we enjoyed in the 80s, ears ringing at last call (you know who you are), but attempts to cram multiple speaker systems into compact single speaker units. The results range from tinny to muddled, in all sorts of inconvenient sizes, and none can truly reproduce multi-channel effects. Without surround sound, what’s the point?

Polk has a better way. Using exclusive patented digital audio technology called Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA®), many models in our SurroundBar Series more convincingly reproduce multi-channel audio effects and deliver astonishingly realistic surround-sound. And there it is: Single-speaker surround sound; the holy grail for any self-respecting, clutter-fighting audiophile.

No matter which model you choose, you’ll experience something you won’t get with other sound bar speakers: that warm, rich, realistic Polk sound and more convincing surround-sound effects. Choose a small SurroundBar for a compact theater system in a small room, or for dynamic desktop gaming excitement. Choose a SurroundBar system, including a compact subwoofer or a specially engineered DVD digital processor, and experience a thin, stylish speaker that reaches out beyond the realm of sound bars to envelope you in realistic audio thrills. Serious gamers will appreciate a self-powered SurroundBar (and matching wireless subwoofer) with no extra wiring to clutter a desktop. And home theater pros will appreciate a super-thin SDA enhanced SurroundBar that matches the style of their high tech television and makes extra rear-surround speakers a thing of the past.

So, now that you’ve made the leap to a flat TV, don’t settle for flat sound. Take advantage of our incredible SDA technology, and experience less clutter, more awesome sound, and more single-speaker fun.

Technology & Features

SDA Surround Sound Technology (select models)

Invented by Polk. Patented by Polk. Perfected by Polk. The original surround sound technology that exploded onto the scene in the early 80s is now digital. SDA technology is what sets SurroundBar speakers apart from the crowd: They don’t depend on room acoustics or perfect placement to achieve more convincing surround-sound effects! Matthew Polk, the inventor of SDA Surround technology, calls it “a mixture of acoustical engineering, psychoacoustic principles and magic!” Read Matt Polk’s original SDA Whitepaper for more info.

Polk Digital Logic® Technology (select models)

Polk presents 3-D audio: combining two groundbreaking, patented technologies to produce an audio environment that can only be described as 3-dimensional. Polk’s proprietary SDA surround technology in conjunction with Polk Digital Logic processing technology produces a rich, enveloping listening experience. It reaches out beyond your TV screen to put you in the center of the action.

Engineered to be Lightweight, But Never a Lightweight

Lightweight and stiff cone materials, compact neodymium magnet structures, rigid light alloy baskets and superior enclosure materials keep even the largest models of the SurroundBar Series lightweight without interferring with high performance standards.

Tuned for Surprising Bass

Each SurroundBar model is tuned specificially for excellent low frequency response, the kind of deep bass you’d never expect from a thin single-speaker system. With exclusive flared J-ports, or iniversal port tuning systems, SurroundBars up the ante for exciting bass response and naturally dynamic system blending!

Wireless Convenience, Traditional Performance

Rear surround speakers force you to run wires all over the place. With a SurroundBar, you don’t need rear speakers! And because they’re made by Polk, with lossless wireless technology, you’ll never sacrifice performance in the name of convenience. All you sacrifice is ugly wires!

Matched Wireless Subwoofers

Easy to place, with no wires, Polk wireless subwoofers deliver lossless, instantaneous response and perfect system blending. Deep, musical bass from anywhere in your room, with no wire clutter!

Multiple Mounting Options

Most SurroundBar models include built-in keyhole slots for easy wall-mounting, as well as base units for shelf-top or furniture-top mounting.

Remote Control (select models)

Easy to use, easy to program remote control unit lets you control your SurroundBar system from your easy chair.

SmartBar™ Programming (select models)

SurroundBars easily learn to operate from your existing TV remote control. You’ll use only one remote for the SurroundBar and your TV!

Plug & Play

All SurroundBar models are so easy to connect and use that under the definition of “plug & play” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of one. There are no complex on-screen menus, and there’s no calibration needed. All connections are supplied, simply plug the bars into your processor (select models) or merely into a wall socket, and you’ve entered the exciting world of single-speaker surround sound.