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SurroundBar 360 DVD Theater

The SurroundBar 360 DVD Theater is the best performing single-speaker surround sound theater system on the market.

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Sensational Surround Sound

Just Plug It In

The SurroundBar360° DVD Theater is a complete digital home theater audio system. It works in any room, no limitations (unlike other "single speaker systems" that rely on wall reflections or special placement rules). It comes with a compact high-end digital processor that includes a DVD/CD player with integrated Farouja HDMI 1080i upscaler. This is one of the industry's best-rated signal upconverters, and it insures that virtually any video source will reveal its highest high-def glory on your screen. A Universal Remote is included to end remote clutter (while we're ending speaker and wire clutter, why not?). The single, sleek speaker—the SurroundBar360° itself— easily mounts above or below your TV or on your TV stand with included hardware. And all the professional settings have already been made for you. All you do is plug it in.

Impressive Technology, Sure--But You Won't Be Tested On It

Now that you know what you need to know (that the Polk Audio SurroundBar360° DVD gives you digital surround sound with no clutter and no hook-up hassles), you can let yourself relax and maybe even know a little more, some background stuff: the how and why. Knowing this will help reinforce what you just learned. And it will impress your friends. Seriously.

In the early 1980s, when dinosaurs walked the Earth, Polk Audio invented and patented a sound technology that allowed a single pair of loudspeakers to simulate surround sound (which wasn't invented yet) from a stereo signal. They did it with intricate mathematical algorithms and special connections (and some magic pixie dust). Extra Credit Fact: It was called "Stereo Dimensional Array," and it tricked your ears into hearing sound all around you. It was pretty incredible to hear sound coming from everywhere when the speakers were right in front of you--but the limitation of this wondrous technology was size. These were big speakers. Big speakers fell out of fashion. You don't want them in your living room anymore.

Using this groundbreaking technology as a jumping-off point, Polk Audio has incorporated new primary research into the science of how we hear sounds from all around us and delivered a digital update: SDA Surround technology in a compact single-speaker package that flat-out looks amazing when it's next to your flat panel TV. No more big speakers--or even many small ones. The SurroundBar360° DVD allows you to experience surround sound without anything else. Just this one, stylish, sleek thing. You won't even notice it after a while. But you will love watching movies and HDTV in rich surround sound.

An elegant, single speaker bar discreetly delivers full-range sound --no separate subwoofer needed

If your family wants a superior DVD home theater system, one that provides a virtually seamless and immersive soundstage with lots of surprising deep bass, and you also want a system that's easy to set up and use without cluttering up your room with lots of speaker boxes and wires, then the SurroundBar 360° DVD Theater is the solution made for you and your whole family.

The SurroundBar 360° DVD Theater adds a new dimension to movies, music, TV. Its simple connection means you can connect it to any video game, satellite/cable TV box, MP3 player or other external source and experience ear-opening surround sound with just one beautiful, stylish speaker. Rediscover your favorite video games, or play DVDs, CDs, MP3 and JPEG and Kodak® photo discs.

Driver Complement

Diameter2 1/2" (6.35cm) 
Typefull-range Dynamic Balance composite driver cones with neodymium magnets 


Enclosure TypePowerPort with Feed Forward 
Weight12.00 pounds
Height4 1/4" (10.79cm) 
Width44 1/2" (113.03cm) 
Depth4 3/4" (12.06cm) 


Unit of Measuresystem 
Total Shipping Weight36.00 pounds
Included AccessoriesDVD console, remote control with included batteries, high and low mounting cradles, wall mount template, 15-foot wiring harness, 9-foot power cord, AM loop antenna,FM dipole antenna, 5-foot A/V cable, quick start guide, owner's manual 


Mounting Optionskeyhole slots for wall mount or cradles for surface mounting 


Speaker Warranty5 years speaker, 1 year electronics 

Subwoofer Amplifier Specs

220V AvailabilityNo 

Power Amplifier Specs

220V AvailabilityNo 

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