Build in sound with

Architectural Speakers

Fill your entire house–and your life–with beautiful sound from Polk Audio architectural loudspeakers. Choose from in-wall, on-wall or in-ceiling models specifically designed to match your décor and immerse your home in high fidelity.


Your Own Audio Sanctuary

Install high performance audio easily into your walls or ceilings with a wide variety of low visibility speakers. Whether you’re looking to build a complete stealth home sound system or expand your existing speaker set without taking up additional floor space, Polk Audio offers endless ways to transform any room into a hidden oasis of sound.

Sound that Vanishes

Polk Audio in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are precision-engineered to disappear into their surroundings. With minimally-flanged designs, exclusive Sheer-Grilles™ and multiple options for effortless installation, discrete flush mount models fit anywhere you want virtually invisible sound.


Explore our one-of-a kind system builder to customize the perfect Polk speaker setup in your home!

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