Live for the Music in Your

Living Room

Listen beyond great home theater with Polk's music streaming prowess. With a sound bar for example, you can easily switch from hearing great audio in movies and TV, to awesome sound for your all of your favorite music at the push of a button. Yup, couch time just got way cooler.


High-Performance Wireless Speaker, Simple Setup, and Premium Sound

349.95 each

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Compact Wireless Multi Room Speaker


69.95 each

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Compact Wireless Multi Room Rechargeable Speaker


89.95 each

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Get Cozy with Great Sound in Your Bedroom

Turn up the jams over Wi-Fi from the comfort of your very own bed. Whether you're rocking out while getting ready for a night on the town, or need the ambiance dialed down to mellow so you can relax, options abound when you're streaming music in the bedroom.

That Traditional Audio Setup in Your Den Needs Some Digital Love

Your workhorse receiver and those trusty old speakers have a decades-long hold over you for good reason. They're worn in, sound great and bring back a flood of memories when you couldn't stop playing Cheap Trick's "Surrender" on repeat. So, usher them into the age of music streaming and revive their glory years with some big help from Polk.

Stream Rich, Detailed Sound in the Kitchen and Beyond

Get cooking with your favorite songs close by. Snack on some charcuterie with the tunes turned up while you entertain friends. In the kitchen or out on the deck, streaming music with great sound makes the occasion one to remember—and one you look forward to!


Explore our one-of-a kind system builder to customize the perfect Polk speaker setup in your home!

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