Throwing a Great New Year's Eve Party in Your Own Home

Polk Staff December, 31 2018

Throwing a Great New Year's Eve Party in Your Own Home

New Year's Eve is a time for festivities — leave the reflections and resolutions for the first few days of 2019. But sometimes the idea of gallivanting around town and all of the logistics involved can be more than a little bit stressful. Bringing the party to the comforts of your own home is a great option if you've got the room to spare, and speakers and hi-fi components from Polk Audio can play a big role in this endeavor.

Complete control of music and more with a sound bar or AV receiver

Music is a no-brainer essential for any party, of course, and in a New Year's Eve atmosphere it should always maintain a jubilant tone. We'll allow a brief exception for a bit of post-midnight, libation-fueled maudlin sentiment, but during the lead-up to the ball drop, every song that plays should keep spirits high and hopeful.

To this end, you can instantly control the tunes with just a few words by using Amazon Alexa-equipped Polk sound bars, or go for a comprehensive package with a stereo set of speakers like the Signature Elite floor-standing speakers or a Denon AV Receiver with HEOS Built-in.

Party planning assistance via voice control

Voice-controlled Polk components can help ensure a better NYE party before guests even arrive. Easily interact directly with the Polk Assist wireless audio system to leverage the power of Google Assistant. All party-planning needs will be at your disposal, whether you need to place a catering, grocery or beverage order, look into the best places to buy decorations and party favors, organize a schedule for your preparations or anything else of the sort. You can even see what NYE events still have tickets available if you and your guests feel the sudden urge to be spontaneous.

Home theater entertainment made easy

You can also spread the fun and convenience of voice-activated entertainment control to multiple rooms. This might be a necessity if children are attending, but an easily managed one: Set up the kids in your home's best space for movie watching and let them peruse Netflix and other streaming services using an Alexa-enabled Polk sound bar — just be sure to enable any necessary content protections where needed.

That's hardly the only application. For those with big houses, you can devote individual rooms to people's tastes. Maybe some guests want to watch the evening's various college football bowl games, while others are there for conversation over an enjoyable soundtrack and a few people are dead-set on the traditional NYE live TV specials. 

No matter what the party calls for, Polk voice-controlled audio equipment and speakers together ensure a great pre- and post-Auld Lang Syne experience for all. 



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