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LSiM Series

Bring everything you love to hear into perfect harmony, and inspire a deeper connection with all of the entertainment you love. It's time to enjoy the ultimate high performance home theater experience with the Polk LSiM Series at the helm of your entire audio setup.

Floor-Standing Towers

Center Channel, Bookshelf & Surround Speakers


The Big Center Channel for Serious Listeners


$599.98 EACH

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The Smaller LSiM Center Channel Speaker


$374.98 EACH

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The Surround Speaker for Serious Listeners


$749.98 SYSTEM

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Architectural Speakers 

LS Series architectural speakers are timbre-matched to the LSiM Series for great sound with a nearly invisible look.    


Vanishing LS Series In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

$449.00 EACH

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Vanishing LS Series In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

$299.00 EACH

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Vanishing LS Series In-Wall Loudspeaker with Dual 6.5" Drivers

$499.00 EACH

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Bold Looks, Astonishing Accuracy

The LSiM Series is the best sound we've ever created—engineered with key advancements for more realistic audio impact, lifelike details and the deepest bass. It's the sound we want to hear—always, and built for today's high-definition audio. New transducers. New speaker materials. A beautiful curvilinear design. It's our statement series—and still makes superior audio accessible to everyone.

The Pinnacle of Performance

It’s the Series where sonic accuracy is fully revealed—where sound's true dynamic qualities are totally experienced. Let everything about the movie envelope you. Hear the details in every track like never before. Feel all of your home audio entertainment come alive with huge, realistic impact and deep bass thrills. More than forty years of passion went into this one—so listen accordingly.

Dynamic Sonic Engine

Our molded enclosure houses the super-accurate ring radiator tweeter and the extended motion midrange driver in separate tuned compartments. It provides wider, uniform dispersion in the critical 200Hz - 2kHz range and reduces performance-robbing back wave reflections.

Ring Radiator Tweeters

Built for ultra high performance, it boasts advanced power handling, extended dynamic range, better dispersion and extended top-end response. Get ready for incredible details and realistic imaging in everything you listen to.

Cassini Oval Subwoofer Drivers

We increased the surface area on the subwoofer driver cones give you deeper, more musical bass response and dramatically enhanced imaging. Blending is smooth—and with the voice coil design offers larger excursions and higher power handling.

Klippel Optimized Dynamic Balance® Transducers

Developed with proprietary Dynamic Balance technology, they eliminate unwanted material and interface resonance that color the sound—ensuring only the best, most efficient performance at all volumes.

Sheer Sonic Power

Enjoy a home theater experience that's undeniably more clear and open, emotional and immersive. Hear a level of realism in music that's like being front row at the show. And above all—be prepared for a big change in how you listen. Because the Polk LSiM Series is a solid reminder of why we got into this business in the first place.

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