Battle of the Bars: Which Polk Sound Bar is Right for You?

Having trouble finding the right sound bar for you? Look at these best-sellers that suit everyone from high-tech audiophile to home theater beginner.

Sound bars come with a variety of technology and capabilities. Polk features sound bars for every stage of home theater, from entry-level to high-performance - and all have the great sound you've come to know and expect from Polk. Take a look at some of our best-selling sound bars, and see which model is right for you.

Polk Command Bar

The Polk Command Sound Bar is the sound bar system with Alexa built-in. It features integrated far-field microphones and Alexa voice services - you can use your voice to control the sound bar, your smart home devices and stream music. Plus, set alarms, turn volume up and down, adjust bass and cue up music and more, all with your voice.

It features a performance-tuned driver array, wireless subwoofer and Dolby/DTS surround decoding for immersive, room-filling sound. It works with 4K and HD TVs, and its built-in dual HDMI 2.0b inputs ensure that 4K HDR content looks great. The Polk Command Sound Bar comes equipped with Polk-patented Voice Adjust technology for crisp dialogue. It's fully compatible with Fire TV and works with Audible.

Who it's best for: Future-forward movie lovers who want the best sound available and voice-control activation of their sound bar and smart home gadgets.

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MagniFi MAX SR

The Polk MagniFi MAX SR delivers true 5.1 surround sound with maximum-performance sonic output. The sound bar comes complete with a wireless subwoofer and two wireless surround speakers for wider imaging coupled with dynamic sound.

It’s optimized for movies, sports and music, and even offers a Night Mode setting for late-night listening that won’t disturb others in your household. You can expect the full array of Polk-Patented technology in the MagniFi MAX SR — from Polk Voice Adjust for crystal clear dialogue to SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array) surround technology for a wider, more immersive listening experience. Built-in Google Chromecast and Bluetooth let you stream all your favorite music.

Who it's best for: Movie and TV buffs who crave surround sound quality that matches their TV picture, but don’t want to miss out on music streaming capabilities either.

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MagniFi Mini

The MagniFi Mini delivers all the room-filling sound you’d expect to hear from a full-size sound bar in an ultra-compact design that’s complete with an included wireless subwoofer. It features all the best of Polk-patented technology, like Voice Adjust and SDA, plus 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. The MagniFi Mini is compatible with most TVs and lets you wirelessly stream your favorite music directly from your smartphone, tablet or other compatible device using Google Cast or Bluetooth.

Who it's best for: People who want to pair high-quality sound with their favorite movies, music and shows, but don’t have the space for a larger sound bar or component system.

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Signa S1

The Signa S1 is a great entry-level option from the Polk lineup of sound bars. It features Dolby Digital surround sound, a powerful 8” wireless subwoofer and is compatible with most TVs and cable boxes. Voice Adjust technology makes dialogue crisp and clear no matter the content you’re watching. You can stream music through Bluetooth, too.

Who it's best for: Folks who want to upgrade from the speakers in their TV, but aren’t ready to commit to a system with more hardware. 

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Whichever sound bar you choose, you get to enjoy the great sound that’s synonymous with Polk.

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