Harmonizing the Holidays with Polk

Polk products bring fun to the holidays, providing amazing sound when the family gathers to watch a movie or share seasonal tunes through a wireless audio system.

The holiday fun you share with family and friends is something to be desired every year. If you're passionate about music and film, you probably enjoy sharing your favorite music and movies when everyone gathers together during this special time. With a powerful home theater or a wireless audio system, savoring the sounds of the season becomes an experience that makes the holidays that much more memorable.  

Unlock new dimensions of audio in holiday movies

For many families it's a Yuletide tradition to gather in the living room and watch a movie or two. Some stick to all-time classics like "It's a Wonderful Life," while others embrace more recent entries to the holiday canon such as "Elf" or an action-packed option like "Die Hard." No matter what festive films you and your loved ones settle on, high-quality sound ensures a more complete and immersive way to enjoy them.

A set of Polk's T-Series speakers can make everybody in the room feel like they're alongside John McClane for those classic one-liners ("Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..."), or when explosions crescendo at Nakatomi Plaza. What’s more, T50 tower speakers project three-dimensional sound with minimal distortion, thanks to Dynamic Balance drivers and tweeters.

If you prefer a smaller footprint, you can still hear the bells that signal an angel getting its wings clearer than ever. The compact versatility of a sound bar system like the MagniFi MAX SR conveys every nuance of the dialogue and soundtrack when George Bailey learns to appreciate his place in the world.

Spread the cheer all throughout your home

Any good holiday party calls for a playlist full of classic songs. After all, music and the season are both about bringing people together, and nothing does the trick like a carefully curated selection of festive carols, heartfelt ballads and maybe even the occasional rocker (cue Tom Petty pining for that new Rickenbacker and some Chuck Berry songbooks at the end of "Christmas All Over Again").

With a multi-room audio system, the tunes will be with you wherever you go. Polk's LS series of architectural speakers can be seamlessly incorporated into your decor, so you can share beautifully detailed playback without cluttering your dining room or kitchen. Install a vanishing ceiling speaker like the 500-LS, and soon everyone will be singing along.

Browse through the full range of deals on cutting-edge components available from Polk Audio, and get ready for the best-sounding holiday season ever.