The Better Way to Listen with

VoiceAdjust® Technology

More vocal clarity gives everything you watch added detail, bringing you closer to the action-so it's almost like whoever's speaking is right in the room with you. It's time to listen better and smarter, with Polk VoiceAdjust technology driving the experience home.



Never Miss a Single Word

Adjust Voice Volume at the Push of a Button

So, when it's hard to hear the words that makes the scene one to remember, or the breaking news story one you can't ignore, or the big game broadcast way more engaging, easily adjust the voice volume to your ears' content.

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MagniFi Mini

Ultra-Compact Home Theater Sound Bar System - Works with Google Assistant

$299.00 SYSTEM

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SB1 Plus

Premium Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer & Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Music Streaming

$699.95 SYSTEM

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MagniFi MAX SR

Maximum-Performance True 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar and Wireless Rear Surround Sound System

$599.00 SYSTEM

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