Interchangeable Silicone Headphone

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Ready For Anything

Named after its unique modular design, the SWAP has 3 parts that can be swapped to match your personal style. The SWAP in available in 3 color ways: white, black and green. Each SWAP will come with an additional head pad and set of ear caps of an alternative color. With these included bright and colorful parts, users can create eight versions of their SWAP. The SWAP is the first headphone that can adapt for any situation, allowing users to swap on over-the-ear pads for more sound isolation, comfort and personal listening preference. The SWAP sets the stage for where ever you end up. The SWAP’s headband is constructed using polycarbonate. This material was chosen because of its temperature and impact resistance which means you can flex, bend, and twist it. As part of our R4A platform the ear and head pads are made of silicone which is extremely soft to the touch. The SWAP is also IPX level 4 water resistant and includes a three-button MFI Apple certied control.


  • Color Combinations - Swap Parts To Make 4+ Color Combinations.
  • Water-Resistant - Shower, Rain, and Sweat Ready For IP Level 4.
  • Durable - Plastics Withstand Everyday and Extreme Abuse.
  • Silicone - Ear Pads and Head Pad Supply Comfort and Durability.
  • On-Ear & Over-Ear - Designed As An On-Ear For Active Use, and an Over-Ear for Improved Sound Isolation and Comfort.