Set the stage for cinematic sound

Home Theater Systems

Sit back, relax and enjoy the enveloping audio of blockbuster movies, right in your own home. From sleek sound bar systems to larger-than-life theatrical sound, home theater systems from Polk Audio put you in the middle of all the action.

MagniFi MAX SR

Maximum-Performance True 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar and Wireless Rear Surround Sound System

$599.00 SYSTEM

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Command Bar

The Home Theater Sound Bar System with Amazon Alexa Built-in

$299.00 SYSTEM

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PSW 10

10-inch, 100W Powered Subwoofer

$129.95 EACH

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Home Theater Audio

Take your favorite movies and TV shows to a whole new level and enjoy our stunning sound whenever couch time is calling. With a plethora of patented audio technologies built into every speaker, whatever home theater system you choose delivers immersive effects in any room.


Home Theater and Music Center-Channel Speaker

$129.00 EACH

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American HiFi Home Theater Center Speaker

$229.00 EACH

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American HiFi Home Theater Slim Center Speaker

$299.00 EACH

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The Big Center Channel for Serious Listeners


$599.98 EACH

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Key Features

Patented Innovation

From Dynamic Balance® to Power Port® to Acoustic Resonance Control®, proprietary Polk Audio technology delivers unrivaled performance.

Elegant Style

Choose from beautiful real wood finishes, sleek designs and even low-key models that vanish into walls to find the perfect home theater system that fits your home décor.


All Polk Audio loudspeakers are timbre-matched within their series to ensure seamless blending from one speaker to the next in multi-channel systems.

Legendary Sound Quality

Powered by over 40 years of audio heritage, Polk Audio home theater systems produce truly immersive, blockbuster sound.

Room-Filling Sound with Room to Grow

Polk Audio home theater systems offer endless ways to take your home audio to new heights. Add a sound bar to elevate how you listen, a subwoofer for deeper bass impact, or choose from a wide selection of timbre-matched floor-standing, bookshelf, on-wall, custom install and surround speakers to expand your setup from 5.1 to 7.1 and beyond.