Wi-Fi Smart Speakers

Your phone's a wonderful thing, connecting you to the world in myriad ways—giving you complete access to all kinds of music at the push of a button. But its built-in speakers don't do your favorite songs any justice. So, trust Polk to take control of the sound with the room-filling power and detail you get from our Wi-Fi smart speakers. One listen is all it takes to know this is the only way to stream.

Command Bar

The Home Theater Sound Bar System with Amazon Alexa Built-in


$199.00 SYSTEM

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MagniFi Mini

Ultra-Compact Home Theater Sound Bar System - Works with Google Assistant

$299.00 SYSTEM

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MagniFi MAX

Maximum-Performance Home Theater Sound Bar System - Works with Google Assistant

$499.00 SYSTEM

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MagniFi MAX SR

Maximum-Performance True 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar and Wireless Rear Surround Sound System

$599.00 SYSTEM

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Compact Wireless Multi Room Speaker


$69.95 EACH

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Compact Wireless Multi Room Rechargeable Speaker


$89.95 EACH

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Quickly Connect for the Smarter Way to Listen

Polk Wi-Fi smart speakers are easy to set up and connect over your home or workplace Wi-Fi network. Enjoy a fast music streaming experience right out of the box. Stream the same song in every room or different songs in different rooms. The choices is yours!

Dynamic Balance

Advanced analysis of a speaker’s entire electroacoustic and mechanical system that helps in the selection of better materials and more efficient geometry to build more realistic-sounding loudspeakers.

Bass Radiator

Enhances overall bass impact and output from the speaker’s active drivers while minimizing distortion—perfect for limited-sized enclosures and floor standing, full-range systems with build in powered subwoofers.

Wide Dispersion Array

Produces a wide, enveloping soundstage that’s tuned specifically for minimum cabinet size.

Wireless Rears

Connect other wireless speakers to your sound bar as rear surrounds and enjoy true 5.1 wireless surround sound without running unsightly speaker wire in your home theater setup.

Access All of Your Favorite Music Services

Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music and many more—we've got you covered! Our Wi-Fi smart speakers take everything you love about streaming music to a whole new level of listening. Because unlimited access to your favorite music should still uphold the highest principles of sound. So, you feel full impact of the band's or artist's intent when they we're making magic happen in the studio.