Polk Omni S2/S2R Bluetooth Adapter

Ultra-compact Bluetooth Adapter designed for the Omni S2 and Omni S2R

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Ready for an all-inclusive Polk Omni streaming experience? To provide the utmost flexibility in how you enjoy audio content on your Polk Omni S2 / S2 Rechargeable speakers, we built an ultra-compact Bluetooth adapter that lets you switch from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth streaming in seconds. Custom form fitting design for the S2 and S2R.

Now you’re no longer limited to your home’s Wi-Fi network when you stream music or other audio content (ex. Youtube). Just attach the Bluetooth adapter to the USB port and the AUX In on the back of your device and follow the directions in the owner’s manual to establish a Bluetooth connection.

This adapter also makes it super easy to take your S2 Rechargeable wireless speaker with you whenever you’re on the go, and listen to all of your favorite music via a Bluetooth connection.

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Tech Specs

Bluetooth Adapter

  • Total Pieces
  • Height
    1.32" (3.35 cm)
  • Width
    1.54" (3.91 cm)

Wireless Technology

  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Protocols


  • Audio Outputs
    • Analog 3.5mm Mini-Jack (AUX)
Q & A

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