UltraFit 1000

Comfortable mid-flange headphones.

  • 49.95 Each
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Between the Buds and the Muffs, there's the High Performance UltraFit 1000.

The human ear is a magic organ. And the UltraFit Series of active listening headphones takes full advantage of everyone's singular ear style. If you want the serious sealed canal dynamics of in-ear-canal sound, you'll go for the innovative bud design of the UltraFit 3000. On-ear comfort and performance? The UltraFit 2000 is for you. The middle ground? The UltraFit 1000 and UltraFit 500 offer two levels of performance control in a middle-ear-flange design that sits comfortably within the outer part of your ear, and stays put even during rough play. The UltraFit 1000 features the convenient 3-button in-line control & microphone, so you can use your iPhone or MP3 player without breaking your stride.

UltraFit 1000 Features:

  • Ultra-high performance digital sound, focused details, full fidelity and deep bass.

  • Convenient 3-button in-line controls & microphone, for on-the-fly audio and phone control without breaking your stride.

  • SecureFit support keeps your headphones comfortably in place.

  • Ultra-flexible tangle-free planar audio cable eliminates cable tangle. Two easily-switchable custom lengths included, including a 14-inch length specifically for iPod nano, iPod Shuffle and other MP3 sleeve and collar connections.

  • StrainGuard™ Kevlar core technology and computer-designed transitional connections eliminate cable failure.

  • Moisture shield technology deflects and resists moisture, for peak performance through the most strenuous activity.

  • 3.5mm connector is designed to fit through the opening on all i-gadget cases.

  • Engineered for durability, performance & comfort, and made with the most advanced materials and headphone micro-technology, to be the last pair of sports headphones you'll ever need.