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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I mount the rear speakers to my wall?

You can mount your rear speakers to the wall via the keyhole slot on the back of the speaker. Place a screw where you want the speaker to hang and slide the speaker on to the screw and let it hang. Or you can use a bracket with 1/4 20" thread and screw the speaker in to the mount.

How do I know if the battery on the Polk Omni S2 Rechargeable is running low?
A rapid blinking white LED on the front of the S2 Rechargeable means that its battery power is below 20 percent and running low on power.
What do the lights mean on the front of my Polk Omni S2 Rechargeable?
Solid White - Powered up and connected to Play-Fi    Pulsing White - Muted when connected to Wi-Fi    Blinking White - Paused when connected to Wi-Fi    Rapid Blinking White - Battery power is below 20% Solid Amber - Aux input cable is attached Pulsing Amber - Aux input is muted Blinking Amber - Volume is set to maximum level


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