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Polk Wireless Audio

You dig the new riff. The line in that song will always be unforgettable. And you love the convenience of streaming all of your favorite artists and bands. So, why settle for anything less than great sound when it comes to your music? Polk wireless audio products elevate every note with rich, room-filling detail—giving you a deeper connection to those digital jams. Go ahead...align your ears with greatness!


Totally Untethered

Whether you're streaming tunes in the kitchen with a Wi-Fi speaker, relaxing on the couch with headphones on and your phone in-hand, or walking the dog with some of your favorite tracks—Polk wireless audio delivers the sound you crave without the need to run cables to hear it.

Stream All Wireless Audio with Polk Confidence

Bottom line… we know great sound. It's been our focus since 1972. And as we continue sailing through digital music's familiar and uncharted waters, let us not forget that every listen—every piece of music you stream—deserves clarity, detail the deepest bass. Because really, that's the only way to listen.

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