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Polk Audio Introduces Sirius Satellite Radio Component Home Tuner

Optimized for custom installation multi-room systems

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Denver, CO—September 6, 2007— Today at CEDIA Expo booth 830 in the Colorado Convention Center, Polk Audio announced the Polk Audio Designs SR-H1000 Sirius component tuner for home audio systems. The product is sized and styled to match standard premium audio components and offers the best audio performance and most complete feature set to date from an in-home Sirius tuner.

The SR-H1000 started shipping to retailers in Q1 2008 with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of $349.95. The tuner features audio component size and styling to match standard premium audio components and is loaded with convenience and performance features. With the addition of an optional Home Connect Tuner SC-H1 the SR-H1000 becomes a two audio stream/zone tuner capable of receiving different SIRIUS Satellite radio programs at one time. Custom Integrators will appreciate the ease and low cost of adding an additional audio stream to multi-room audio systems.

The SR-H1000's Instant Replay feature stores up to 44 minutes of audio for later playback similar to the way a DVR stores video content. With the SR-H1000 listeners will never miss a part of a broadcast due to short-term interruptions. A composite (RCA jack) video output permits the tuner to display Channel, Artist and Song Title on a TV or video monitor for easy viewing at a distance. An Optical digital output allows the unit to be directly connected to audio components with digital inputs for lossless, pure performance. Stereo analog RCA-type outlets allow the SR-H1000 tuner to connect to any stereo receiver or amplifier. A built-in audiophile-grade Digital to Analog Converter chip ensures that even analog connections will result in superior sound quality.

The analog gain stage of the tuner is robust, providing more than enough output to deliver a full volume, low noise signal to any amplifier or receiver. A menu-accessible volume control allows the user to match the tuner's output to that of other sources in the system to avoid large volume swings when switching from source to source.

Command and control functions are handled by large, easy to see and use front panel buttons and a LCD display panel. A full-function remote control duplicates the front panel controls plus adds numeric keys for direct channel access. Control features include menu selection, channel preset jump, memory that stores up to 30 artist/song title information for later retrieval, channel scan, display brightness control, 30 channel presets and more. The rear panel RS-232 jack enables the tuner to integrate into the control functions of whole-house music distribution systems such as Crestron and NetStreams.

The SR-H1000 is bound to be a sports fan favorite with its Instant Replay capability and its Game Alert feature that tells listeners when their favorite teams are playing and when the score changes. The Game Zone function displays favorite team scores on the control panel 6-line LCD screen.

The SR-H1000 comes complete with rack mount ears for easy installation into equipment racks, RCA audio cables, Fiber Optic digital audio cable, remote control, and antenna.

About Polk Audio

Polk Audio is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high performance audio products and the largest audio brand of Directed Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ, DEIX). Founded in 1972 by three Johns Hopkins University graduates, Polk Audio holds over 50 patents for advances in loudspeaker design and technology. Polk's products include loudspeakers and electronic components for home, auto and marine applications, the first satellite radio home component tuner, the world's first audiophile-grade active IP-addressable loudspeaker, the first THX Ultra2 Certified in-ceiling loudspeaker, and I-Sonic—the first entertainment system to include HD radio, XM Connect & Play capability and a DVD player. Polk products are available through authorized specialist consumer electronics retailers worldwide. For more information and the location of a Polk retailer or distributor in your area visit the or call us at 1-800-377-7655 (USA and Canada). Outside of North America call +1 (410) 358-3600.

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