Floor Standing Speakers

50 years of American ingenuity

    • es60


      High-Resolution Hi-Fi Home Theater Tower Loudspeaker

    • es55


      High-Resolution Hi-Fi Home Theater Tower Loudspeaker

    • es50


      High-Resolution Hi-Fi Home Theater Tower Loudspeaker

    • xt70

      Polk Monitor XT70

      High-Resolution Floor-Standing Loudspeaker

    • s55e


      Floorstanding Tower Speaker

      £399.00 £239.00
    • s50e


      Floorstanding Tower Speaker

      £299.00 £179.00
    • xt60

      Polk Monitor XT60

      High-Resolution Floor-Standing Loudspeaker

    • l800

      LEGEND L800

      Premium Floorstanding Tower Speaker with Patented SDA-PRO Technology

    • l600_new

      LEGEND L600

      Premium Floorstanding Tower Loudspeaker

    • reserver700

      Reserve R700

      Floorstanding Tower Speaker

    • reserver600

      Reserve R600

      Medium Floorstanding Tower Speaker

    • reserver500

      Reserve R500

      Compact Floorstanding Tower Speaker


    Why Polk Audio

    The real question is, why anything else? We’ve always made the best speakers at the best price - that’s it. 

    But for storytelling’s sake, let’s back it up to 1972 where a group of friends, talented engineers, and music lovers got together with the skillset, the ambition to make the best speakers they could afford, and the attitude to change the establishment. That day, a speaker company was born with a clear vision for quality and a powerful mission for value. 

    Each and every day since then, all Polk products are the result of tight-knit collaboration, teamwork, and our collective passion to make great sound available to as many people as humanly possible. 

    A mission like that requires more than engineering expertise. It requires inventive spirit, hard-earned experience, and intuition. It’s that intuition—the most magical human ingredient—that bestows Polk products their sonic personality and pride of place in your home. To this day, design, acoustics, engineering (and ingenious, intuitive human magic) all happen under one expensive roof under the guise of democratizing sound. Because we mean it when we say great sound shouldn’t be a privilege of the few, it should be accessible and available for all.