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    What are in-ceiling and in-wall speakers?

    In-ceiling and in-wall speakers are speakers that install flush in your walls and ceiling. They are meant to provide an enveloping surround sound experience while disappearing into your home décor. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers are ideal for whole-home sound, which makes them perfect for entertaining: At parties, your guests will enjoy your playlists throughout your home. What time should we be there?

    Are in-ceiling and in-wall speakers good?

    In-ceiling and in-wall speakers aren’t just good, they’re awesome. They don’t take up any floor space, and you’ll enjoy the aesthetic benefits of speakers that virtually disappear in your home while hearing amazing sound as you move from room to room. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers make unobtrusive height and surround speakers, and they interact less with the room than standalone models, leading to fewer peaks and dips in response. Many in-ceiling and in-wall speakers feature aimable tweeters that focus sound exactly where you want it.

    Are in-wall or on-wall speakers better?

    Both in-wall and on-wall speakers sound great; the best choice for you depends on your aesthetic preferences, the physical obstacles or constraints in your home, and your desire to cut open your walls to install speakers. In-wall speakers are the ultimate in “invisible” speakers, virtually disappearing in your walls; on-wall speakers, on the other hand, are higher-profile but can be moved around in the room or even to a different room if your preferences change.

    Are in-ceiling and in-wall speakers worth it?

    In-ceiling and in-wall speakers are worth it if you want great sound quality while preserving a minimalist aesthetic. Premium models deliver the sonic clarity you can expect from a great speaker without cluttering up your view in your favorite listening space. Love dance parties? Because in-wall and in-ceiling speakers don’t take up any space in the room, they clear the way for you to get down to your favorite tunes.

    Why buy a Polk in-ceiling/in-wall speaker?

    We make great speakers, and we offer them at a great price. Even our accessibly priced V60 Slim in-ceiling speaker is built to perform, featuring a Dynamic Balance Woofer and an aimable tweeter. But no matter which speaker you choose, you can trust that at Polk, so we know what matters when it comes to great sound.

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