Polk™ Reserve Series Loudspeakers | Polk Audio™
Flagship Sound

Key Reserve Technologies

Designed by Polk for the flagship Legend Series, the Pinnacle Tweeter features a finely tuned waveguide that dramatically improves the dispersion of high frequency energy, ensuring a broad “sweet spot” and consistent sound in every listening position.

Unbeatable Value

Legendary Sound, Approachable Price

Even though it uses many of the same transducers and technologies as the Legend Series, Reserve won’t break the bank. Flagship Polk sound at an approachable price.

Mix & Match


Mix and match Reserve speakers to fit most rooms and AV configurations. From compact centers that fit in AV cabinets to wall mountable Left/Center/Right and height modules, Reserve guarantees great sound no matter the configuration.

Music & Movies

Immersive Experiences

With its broad lineup and approachable pricing, the Reserve Series delivers an immersive experience from Hi-Res two-channel music to a massive multi-channel IMAX home theater.

Polk’s DNA

Detailed Imaging and Sound Stage

Driven by proprietary technologies – Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter; Turbine Cone; and X-Port or PowerPort 2.0 – Reserve delivers exquisitely balanced, dynamic, detailed sound every time.

Clear Bass & Midrange

Column Resonance Control (CRC)

Unique cabinet bracing provides clear, open and uncolored bass and midrange, faithfully reproducing the most demanding music and movie soundtracks.

Any colour you like

Available in Two Colours

Reserve Series loudspeakers come in black and white finishes to match any style and any room.