Reserve R200 Anniversary Edition

Limited 50th Anniversary Edition Premium Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Polk celebrates 50 years of innovation with a collectible edition of our iconic Reserve R200 bookshelf speaker, numbered and signed by Matthew Polk. Only 1,000 pairs produced.

  • 6.5" Turbine Cone woofers
  • 1" Pinnacle Ring Radiator tweeters
  • X-Port for deep bass
  • Authentic cherry wood veneer
  • 50th anniversary plaque
  • Collectible limited-edition model

Reserve R200 50th Anniversary Edition Background
Matthew Polk Approved

A Celebration of Fifty Years of Great Sound For All

We chose our most celebrated speaker in recent years, the Reserve R200, to commemorate Polk’s 50th Anniversary with this special collector’s edition model, limited to a one-time production run of 1,000 units worldwide. Signed by Matthew Polk and numbered on a unique, laser-etched backplate. Includes a certificate of authenticity.
Reserve R200 50th Anniversary Edition

The Embodiment of 50 Years of Innovation

Turbine Cone Woofer

Multidimensional Midrange and Bass

Relentless prototyping and refinement resulted in the striking Turbine Cone Woofer’s unique ridged design. Its ultra-light, yet ultra-rigid cone provides sound reproduction with increased power, accuracy, and speed. You’ll hear breathtaking midrange, detailed bass, and a wide dynamic range in everything you listen to.

Patented X-Port

Hear Pure, Unmasked Sound

Traditional ported speaker designs increase low- frequency performance, but often mask midrange details due to port resonances. Polk's proprietary X-Port uses specially tuned eigentone filters to cancel out unwanted resonances. With X-Port you get the best of both worlds: tight, distortion-free bass and a superbly detailed midrange.

Anti-Resonant Cabinets and Anti-Difraction Grilles

Acoustically Optimized Inside and Out

R200AE’s acoustically transparent, magnetic grilles offer a clean look without interfering with sonic performance. Behind the grilles is a world of audio innovation. These rigid, acoustically inert cabinets have been carefully cross-braced and optimized through laser Doppler vibrometry to eliminate unwanted interior resonances.

Reserve R200 Anniversary Edition

Patented Acoustics, Certified Sonic Excellence

Reserve R200 Anniversary Edition

Patented Acoustics, Certified Sonic Excellence

Designed and engineered in Baltimore, these special-edition speakers showcase award-winning acoustic innovations to deliver that iconic Polk sound you know and love.

The R200AE 50th Anniversary Edition sounds—and looks—amazing, thanks to enhancements ranging from upgraded crossover components and binding posts to its stunning oiled cherry wood finish.

Uncover incredible clarity and detail in even the highest-resolution digital audio to experience music and movie sound in its purest form.

  • Hi-Res Audio Certified Hi-Res Audio Certified Polk products deliver an immersive listening experience, capturing the nuances and subtleties of high-quality audio recordings, and providing an enhanced level of audio fidelity.
  • Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter Developed by Polk Audio, the new high definition Pinnacle Ring Radiator™ Tweeter delivers ultra-clear, crisp highs, without unwanted distortions.
  • Turbine Cone Woofer The Turbine Cone™ combines a Polk-proprietary foam core and molded turbine geometry to dramatically increase stiffness and damping, resulting in detailed mid-range and effortless bass without adding mass.
  • Engineered and Designed in USA Proudly engineered and designed in Baltimore, Maryland, Polk products are crafted to meet high standards of quality, performance, and reliability, ensuring a premium audio experience that is the pinnacle of American Hi-Fi.

Sleek and elegant cabinetry

Sleek and elegant cabinetry