June 20, 2018

Take Rich Sound on the Road

Article written by POLK STAFF

You may have a finely tuned home audio system in your living room, but what about in your car? Rolling down the highway with a great song playing is a uniquely satisfying experience, and quality sound ensures you can truly savor every second. If you're ready to step up your car audio, take into account these key considerations.

Do you need a car amp?

Often, the head unit that comes with your car is underpowered, and that can lead to distortion, especially when you crank the volume. Stepping up to using a head unit with preamp outputs along with a separate amplifier is the way to go if you value clarity in your music, no matter how loud or quiet. With more power, you also can take advantage of the full low-end complexity that's available from an upgraded subwoofer like the 8” MM842DVC from Polk Audio.

Are coaxial speakers right for your car?

Coaxial speakers are commonly referred to as "full-range" because they cover a variety of audio frequencies. Most cars originally come with coaxial speakers, and for many music fans, a simple upgrade may be the right choice. Subbing in a premium set of speakers for the ones provided by the manufacturer can bring your car sound system to a new level of sonic depth and accuracy while keeping installation easy.

For instance, Polk's MM522 speakers feature terylene dome tweeters that offer exceptionally nuanced sound at high frequencies. Dynamic Balance technology minimizes resonance within the speakers, so the full range of sound comes through. The drivers are engineered for high efficiency, low distortion and compact size with a neodymium motor structure, glass fiber formers, oversized voice coils and high-temperature Conex spiders.

What are the advantages of component speakers?

While you can get tremendous benefits from upgrading your car’s stock speakers, switching to component speakersis likely to result in the best possible audio quality — the tweeter and the woofer are mounted separate from each other, allowing for more enveloping sound than if they were in the same housing unit. These speakers, such as the MM6502, each have a single driver that's designed for a specific range of frequencies, relying on external crossovers to direct the audio signals accordingly. Installing a component speaker system is a more intensive process than coaxial speakers, and you may require a custom installation expert to help. But afterward you'll reap the sonic benefits of a more perfect listening environment within your vehicle.

Component speakers offer better audio imaging than is possible with coaxial speakers, especially when paired with a high-quality amplifier. You'll get a clear sense of the positioning of different instruments around you, meaning you can truly immerse yourself in music while keeping your eyes on the road.

Your car should reflect your personal taste, and that's especially true when it comes to the sound system. Polk Audio's selection of car speakers allows you to take control of the way you experience great tunes every time you get behind the wheel.

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