September 26, 2018

The Versatility of Voice Control Audio Systems From Polk

Article written by POLK STAFF

There's serious enthusiasm for voice-activated virtual assistants these days. Apple landed the first blow with Siri for its iOS mobile devices, but Amazon, IBM, Google and Microsoft soon followed suit with their own spins on the technology. Among these, Amazon's Alexa was one of the first to fully embrace the "smart home" concept, but its competitors soon released comparable systems. With so many options, each with their own advantages, it's hard to navigate what's best for your home theater.

 Home audio is increasingly one of the best uses for voice-activated technology of this kind — which is why we’ve focused on bringing your favorite voice agents to your living room with great Polk sound. Our wireless audio products include room-filling platforms compatible with all major music services and home theater systems that create truly enveloping experiences. These solutions work with either Google Assist or Amazon Alexa to leverage voice control in ways that guarantee unprecedented command of the music and movies you and your family love.

Leverage Google features with Polk Assist

The Polk Assist comes in a compact size (7.5" x 4.5"), and though its small in size, the audible power of the Assist rivals the wallop of a much larger speaker.

The internal amplifier, subwoofer and tweeter in the Polk Assist have been specifically designed to handle frequencies at either 2.4 or 5 GHz, guaranteeing a room full of rich sound. Moreover, its compatibility with Google Assistant and Chromecast, as well as Bluetooth, EchoNest, WeMo, Philips and other wireless and smart-home platforms. Total control of your whole-home listening experience is at your fingertips with Polk Assist.

Explore multiple platforms with Polk sound bars

The high-end wireless audio products from Polk don't limit you to one platform from a sole manufacturer. Our home theatre sound bars are product agnostic, letting you make the choice of voice agent to work with. The Command Bar, for example, harnesses all the power of Alexa. Far-field microphones are built into the equipment so that you can supply commands as needed during the film. Play, pause, rewind and so on, without having to worry about where you might've dropped the remote. The Command Bar lets you interact with the experience of film and television—if you forgot the name of the actor on screen, use Alexa to help find the answer and other movie trivia. Have a Q&A session with Alexa before your next binge, and turn it into an interactive experience for friends and family.

If you prefer to operate with Google, Polk has you covered. The MagniFi MAX home theater sound bar connects seamlessly to any Google Home platform (or any device enabled for use with it, such as Polk Assist), and creates a voice-controllable home theater experience. Ask Google to stream music, and enjoy full-impact sound from your favorite streaming services.

Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa offer the convenience of a voice agent paired with intelligent tech. Whichever one you prefer, Polk offers home theater speakers and sound bars capable of completing your smart home.

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