Monitor XT Speaker Series - Hi-Res Dolby Atmos | Polk Audio™

Monitor XT Series

Monitor XT Series is the next evolution of the classic Polk speaker, Monitor Series. Delivering an even greater value of performance for your dollar, Monitor XT features an updated tweeter, woofer, cabinet designs, and more. Enjoy your movies, TV, and gaming in Dolby Atmos, plus listen to music in Hi-Res Certified audio.


  • xt70_new

    Polk Monitor XT70

    High-Resolution large Floor-Standing Tower Speaker

    $449.00 $349.00 / PER SPEAKER
  • xt60_new

    Polk Monitor XT60

    High-Resoution Floor-Standing Tower Speaker

    $329.00 $249.00 / PER SPEAKER

Center Channel

  • xt35

    Polk Monitor XT35

    High-Resolution slim Center Channel Speaker

    $389.00 $289.00 / PER SPEAKER
  • xt30_us

    Polk Monitor XT30

    High-Resolution Center Channel Speaker

    $249.00 $189.00 / PER SPEAKER


  • xt20_us

    Polk Monitor XT20

    High-Resolution Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

    $389.00 $289.00 / PER PAIR


  • xt12_us

    Polk Monitor XT12

    12" powered high-performance 100W Subwoofer

    $529.00 $429.00 / PER SPEAKER
  • xt10

    Polk Monitor XT10

    10" powered high-performance 50W Subwoofer

    $449.00 $349.00

Height Module

  • xt90_us

    Polk Monitor XT90

    Dolby Atmos / DTS:X Height Module Speakers for MXT20, MXT60, MXT70 or wall-mount (Pair)

    $249.00 $189.00 / PER PAIR