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Build your perfect audio setup with Polk home speakers—from towering floor-standing speakers to powerful yet compact bookshelf speakers.
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49 Products
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  • Premium Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 599.00
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    Compact Multi-Application Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 299.00
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    Flagship Height Module Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 899.00
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    Compact Sateliite Surround Speakers
    C$ 99.00
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    High-quality Compact Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 499.00
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    High-Resolution Large Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 449.00
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    Premium Compact Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 899.00
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    Premium Height Module Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 799.00
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    Reserve R200
    Premium Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 999.00
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    12" Powered High-Performance 100W Subwoofer
    C$ 529.00
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    Powerful Wireless Subwoofer for the React Sound Bar
    C$ 299.00
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    Reserve R350
    Premium slim Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 799.00
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    High-Quality Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 399.00
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    Premium High-performance Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 899.00
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    Flagship Large Floor-Standing Tower Speaker (Left)
    C$ 4,499.00
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    Flagship Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 2,499.00
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    High-Quality Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 629.00
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    Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 249.00
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    Make anything sound legendary

    Movies & TV

    Movies & TV

    Experience the incredible sonic impact of the movie theater and real American Hi-Fi in the comfort of your home with Polk speaker systems built on 50 years of award-winning acoustic engineering.



    Hear every detail of your favorite artists, songs, and records with lifelike stereo imaging, balanced frequency response, and huge, all-encompassing sound.



    Take your games to the next level with hyper-realistic sound that only comes from 50 years of audio engineering expertise. Real American hi-fi, designed and engineered in Baltimore, MD.
    Home Theater Setup

    Powerful speakers. Powerhouse audio.

    Home Theater Setup

    Powerful speakers. Powerhouse audio.

    Legendary tower speakers with over 50 years of award-winning Polk engineering for those who crave the best audio experiences in hi-fi or home theater.

    Shop Floor Standing Speakers

    With modern soundtracks delivering as much as 75% of content through the center channel, having a powerful, precise, dedicated center speaker lets you hear and feel all the important details.

    Shop Center Channel Speakers

    Polk subwoofers are precisely engineered to provide an impactful upgrade to your hi-fi or home theater system with deep, effortless bass.

    Shop Subwoofers

    Unbelievably powerful, rich sound in multiple sizes and beautiful finishes. The perfect partner for a hi-fi setup with a turntable or building out a surround sound system.

    Shop Bookshelf Speakers

    The real advantage to true Dolby Atmos and DTS:X is the addition of height channels for soundtracks, music and gaming. Our full-range, 3D sound modules add a new dimension to your home theater experience.

    Shop Height Modules
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    Series Line-up

    Start filling your home with sound

    Explore our Component Speaker Line-up

    Monitor XT

    Best for the price conscious

    Signature Elite

    Best for those who want balance


    Best for those who value style & substance


    Best for those who want the best

    Tweeter Tweeter Terylene Dome Tweeter Terylene Dome Tweeter Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter Pinnacle Ring Radiator
    Woofer Woofer Bi-laminate Paper Woofer Polypropylene Woofer Turbine Cone Woofer Turbine Cone
    Power Port / X-Port Power Port / X-Port Power Port / X-Port Power Port 1.0 Power Port / X-Port X-Port (R100, R200, R400, R500)
    X-Port & Power Port (R600,R700)
    Power Port / X-Port Enhanced Power Port
    Crossovers Crossovers Good Crossovers Better Crossovers Best Crossovers Flagship
    Cabinetry / Finish Cabinetry / Finish Vinyl (Black) Cabinetry / Finish Vinyl (Black, Brown, White) Cabinetry / Finish Vinyl (Black, Brown, White) Cabinetry / Finish Real Wood Veneer (Black + High Gloss Baffles)
    Base Base Pads Base Pads Base Metal (Spikes & Pads) Base Metal (Spikes & Pads)
    Bracing Bracing Good Bracing Better Bracing Best Bracing Flagship
    Connectors Connectors Single Connectors Single (SESO, SESS, SE60 Dual) Connectors Nickel–Single (R700 Dual) Connectors Nickel–Dual

    Polk’s Signature Sound: Real American Hi-Fi

    Effortless Bass
    Proprietary technologies reduce cabinet noise and improve overall tone for deep low-end impact and warm, controlled bass.
    Rich, Lifelike Mids
    Mid-range drivers feature a high-rigidity, low-mass design that delivers balanced sound and precise sound imaging.
    Accurate Highs
    Hi-Res certified tweeters have an ultra-high frequency response for crystal-clear, highly detailed sound.
    Huge Soundstage
    Experience immersive audio with our patented technology that delivers a wider, accurate soundfield.
    Polk gives you the best sound for your money. Don’t just take our word for it…
    Wirecutter Pick, 2022 Signature Elite Series

    Budget Speaker of the Year, 2021 Reserve R200 Loudspeaker

    Best Product, 2021-2022 Audio Reserve Series

    VIP Award, 2021 Reserve R700

    Top Pick, 2021 5.0.2 R600

    Speaker of the Year, 2021 Reserve R200 Loudspeaker

    High-Performance Home A/V Honoree, 2020 Legend L800 Tower Speaker

    Product of the Year, 2022 Reserve R700 Floor-Standing Speaker

    Sound this good is best experienced together.