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Build your perfect audio setup with Polk home speakers—from towering floor-standing speakers to powerful yet compact bookshelf speakers.
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51 Products
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  • Reserve R300, Black, swatch Reserve R300, Brown, swatch
    Premium Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 599.00
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    OWM3, Black, swatch OWM3, White, swatch
    Compact Multi-Application Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 299.00
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    Flagship Height Module Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 899.00
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    Signature Elite ES50, Black, swatch Signature Elite ES50, White, swatch Signature Elite ES50, Brown, swatch
    High-quality Compact Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 499.00
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    TL1, Black, swatch TL1, White, swatch
    Compact Sateliite Surround Speakers
    C$ 99.00
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    High-Resolution Large Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 449.00
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    Reserve R500, Black, swatch Reserve R500, White, swatch Reserve R500, Brown, swatch
    Premium Compact Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 899.00
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    Reserve R900, Black, swatch Reserve R900, White, swatch Reserve R900, Brown, swatch
    Premium Height Module Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 799.00
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    Reserve R200, Black, swatch Reserve R200, White, swatch Reserve R200, Brown, swatch
    Premium Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 999.00
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    12" Powered High-Performance 100W Subwoofer
    C$ 529.00
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    Powerful Wireless Subwoofer for the React Sound Bar
    C$ 279.00 Price reduced from C$ 299.00
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    Reserve R350, Black, swatch Reserve R350, White, swatch Reserve R350, Brown, swatch
    Premium slim Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 799.00
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    Signature Elite ES30, Black, swatch Signature Elite ES30, White, swatch Signature Elite ES30, Brown, swatch
    High-Quality Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 399.00
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    Reserve R400, Black, swatch Reserve R400, Brown, swatch
    Premium High-performance Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 899.00
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    Legend L800 - Left, Black, swatch Legend L800 - Left, Brown, swatch
    Flagship Large Floor-Standing Tower Speaker (Left)
    C$ 4,499.00
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    Compact Surround Speaker (Pair)
    C$ 349.00
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    Legend L400, Black, swatch Legend L400, Brown, swatch
    Flagship Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 2,499.00
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    Signature Elite ES55, Black, swatch Signature Elite ES55, White, swatch Signature Elite ES55, Brown, swatch
    High-Quality Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 629.00
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