Reserve Series

Reserve Series speakers leverage some of the flagship technologies from our Legend Series to deliver world-class audio at down-to-earth price points. Hi-Res Audio and IMAX Enhanced certified, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X enabled, Reserve Series has received multiple loudspeaker of the year awards, earning its place as our most award-winning speaker series to date. High fidelity. No nonsense.
Award-Winning Sound
Dolby Atmos, DTS:X & IMAX
Hi-Res Audio Certified
Pinnacle Ring Tweeters
Turbine Cone Woofers
Power Port® 2.0
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10 Products
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    Reserve R300, Black, swatch Reserve R300, Brown, swatch
    Premium Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 599.00
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    Reserve R500, Black, swatch Reserve R500, White, swatch Reserve R500, Brown, swatch
    Premium Compact Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 899.00
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    Reserve R900, Black, swatch Reserve R900, White, swatch Reserve R900, Brown, swatch
    Premium Height Module Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 799.00
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    Reserve R200, Black, swatch Reserve R200, White, swatch Reserve R200, Brown, swatch
    Premium Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 999.00
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    Reserve R350, Black, swatch Reserve R350, White, swatch Reserve R350, Brown, swatch
    Premium slim Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 799.00
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    Reserve R400, Black, swatch Reserve R400, Brown, swatch
    Premium High-performance Center Channel Speaker
    C$ 899.00
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    Limited 50th Anniversary Edition Premium Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 1,699.00
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    Reserve R100, Black, swatch Reserve R100, White, swatch Reserve R100, Brown, swatch
    Premium Compact Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)
    C$ 899.00
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    Reserve R700, Black, swatch Reserve R700, Brown, swatch
    Premium Large Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 1,499.00
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    Reserve R600, Black, swatch Reserve R600, White, swatch Reserve R600, Brown, swatch
    Premium Floor-Standing Tower Speaker
    C$ 1,149.00
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    Turbine Cone For Enhanced Resolution

    The Turbine Cone, originally found in our flagship Legend series, significantly increases woofer cone rigidity, without increasing mass. This enables the woofer to move with increased accuracy and speed—even at high volumes—for increased resolution and breathtaking detail in music and movies.

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