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    Everything you need to know.

    What are on-wall speakers?

    On-wall speakers are multi-purpose speakers that mount directly onto your wall. They aren’t recessed in the wall, so you won’t have to do any cutting or in-wall wiring as you would with in-wall speakers. On-wall speakers are very versatile: They can provide seamless sound in distributed home and commercial systems and act as surround speakers in a home theater system.

    Are in-wall or on-wall speakers better?

    This depends on your goals. If you are an aesthetically minded person, you might prefer flush, almost invisible in-wall speakers. Want the flexibility to move your speakers, or don’t want to cut into drywall? On-wall speakers are your friend.

    How to choose on-wall speakers?

    Choosing on-wall speakers starts with thinking about how you want to use them. Do you want a music listening room, a home theatre, or a multipurpose space? Will your on-wall speakers be left-right speakers, surround speakers, or speakers in a whole-home system? Size is important: The bigger the speaker, the louder the sound—and the bigger the visual impact.

    Consider price in the context of your whole system. If you’re building a dedicated listening room or home theater, it makes sense to go with higher-quality on-wall speakers that deliver the clearest sound possible. If your speakers will be used for background music in a whole-home system, it might make sense to spend less on each speaker so you can use more speakers to cover a larger area.

    What are the best on-wall speakers?

    The best on-wall speakers are those that you can afford, provide great clarity and dynamic range, and work well in your space. It also helps if on-wall speakers come with multiple wall mounting options. (Our OWM3 on-wall speaker has seven, including corner and shelf mounts.)

    Why buy a Polk on-wall speaker?

    Buy a Polk on-wall speaker because we build ours with the same approach we take with all of our products—the best speakers at the best price. Our OWM3 on-wall speakers offer excellent dynamic range with impactful bass response, come with seven mounting options, and cost less than $200 for a pair.

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